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Text chapter 29 close call ...

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Text chapter 29 close call ... Empty Text chapter 29 close call ...

Messaggio  kun21 Lun Ago 01, 2011 11:00 am

Adidas water grip A disciple of a magic weapon, the fierce PinDou thousand times, the but again splendid extremely. But if the tie, is a party to die at once, dangerous pole line between life and death. Whether the Pope's "world of mortals of seven chakras zong", or the "akira ten door from the door" is the maker of heaven and earth and big pie, two pie level with the disciple is not in a number of spirit, absolutely not the door to pettitte, a spirit support the scene. "Not the teacher elder sister" offering a killer "day chicken to Yang", is preparing to cable shall strike, has the BuShiZhiGong white prince.
Nike gladiator sandals But there was no thought of, hongfen prince also has unexpectedly killer!
"Feelings six desires Yin ray!" Feelings six desires Yin ray is not, nor the skulls spirit, the more not jewelry, but a one-time items, but the world of mortals the cover-up of several famous big elders, who cast the Yin, supreme refining ray. Each a Yin ray, all want to use no one thousand people to complain about spirits and in underground most Yin hi place, absorb poison, nourish the decades, again into the sky, Yin and Yang, concise and thunder each other into pill.
Nike gladiator sandals A Yin ray hit, immediately explosion, fry out word, 1000 MoYing red smoke, make anyone the spirit out of mana in effect, filthy, and the spirit of the inside of the blood, cut, make people can't command the spirit. That is, if a spirit is fly sword is Yin ray hit, and immediately you will crash, drop the ground. No longer command not move. Unless back, with snow lotus, ginseng...... And so on with the potions boil on a few stereotypes or hour, can wash off filthy, Yin qi, blood tried to offering.
Buy shoes supra Especially, as a little at all from, and immediately you will faint, personnel knocked unconscious, even if again strong body to use, because it besides poison gas, but also the article one thousand poison soul complains, "filth" the human spirit. Unless it is who step into the strong of shakotan coast, just can use poison gas, not make significant setback for international efforts to combat stopped the spread. This kind of Yin ray, because each a will kill 1000 talents to offering refined, so extremely rare,
Supra skytop iii even if the Pope's really chuan disciple all have no, only that magic boundless big elders, would offering, with a refined, also won't reward to disciple. Surprisingly, hongfen prince could even have a key, and in the time fry out for help. Bang! Feelings six desires Yin ray a explosion, all of the people are frightened. LiuKang, red face a satisfying princess show the despair of facial expression. The party saw the red light, the light of the pink scattered among the hundreds of thousands, show the ferocious face,
Supra shoes like opened the gates of hell, release the 1000 quarrels with his soul LiGui general. These ferocious face, it is the poison of feelings six desires Yin ray soul! PuChi PuChi.....These poison soul wound itself round the few mouth fly sword, the sword into the body in, then fly sword are falling. Bells and whistles, fall on the sand, from dozens of miles away. Among ordinary, a population can't change,
Buy supra shoesbut now fly sword like iron, the general mouthful drop down. Dirt. Even including "ten" list of sunvo company first the sword that level of empty ace, measures his sword, and in many poison the soul to twist, like drunk every now and then, finally, general and also lose aura, drop to the ground, present a prototype, but it is as if a silver snake, the article long, sharp blade, winding spiritual dye-in-the-wood, although off in the desert, but is still keep peristalsis, unlike other fly sword, as if possessed.
Cheap supra shoes Then, 1000 poison wanders up and soul first ran to mo the teacher elder sister and others. Several bellow, not the teacher elder sister and several other disciple, are poison neimen soul to save upper body, the shrill cries out immediately, as if deep in nightmare, terror dripping wet. Later, these a few interior door disciple, and fell. And the hand of the teacher elder sister "day chicken to Yang cable" but out of the salts, and put those poison a soul directly refining. The rope, but to just vessels to Yang weapon, the soul is able to resist poison, but after all,
Supra shoes is the rope, not the preventive care skulls, less than in all directions, not the teacher elder sister a don't be careful, was ordered to come from behind the poison of the soul to save on the body, and then she low roars, the body the crumbling, a * * sat in on the sand. At the same time and the greatness of the dynasty "treasure" two other prince prince and princess. Be poison, down to the soul flapping unconscious. They are all door of the spirit, not the disciple a, how to resist have to live "feelings six desires Yin thunder" out of the soul to poison?
Cheap supra shoes Party cold this time also felt the eyes a bright red, bright red ferocious face, towards killed over, winding himself, to come into his brain. Head, tip the sting of general. Burst, burst!!!!! Next to him, LiuKang red satisfying princess has fell, also be poison attack, life and death know. Soul At this moment, suddenly feel the cold party want to invade their soul poison the body, that the death Jiao v picture of moving again.
Supra shoes Party a wisp of cold immediately gives spirit, saw the invasion of the body soul, all poison has fallen into the nether world river and locked up. And his body, safe and sound. But he saw mo the teacher elder sister, there are several interior door disciple also fell down when, in the heart of the move, also fell, "don't know how satisfying princess red, she just take me from evil prince on the sword saved back, I save her helpless, if I can use the nether world figure is good, but is this death figure, I can only passive protection,
don't know how to use.
Michael jordan shoes Right, I had nine opening, blood contains nine elixir of opening, don't know such elixir can detoxify? Death straws when!" Party cold in the moment of fall, the red satisfying princess pressure body, at the same time, he put his hand on her wrist drew an wound, let the wounds of the blood, gather together to red lips, and a satisfying princess to drop in. He that is was very quick-witted. Nine is the door opening, elixir emperor of Dan medicine, refining in favor of school not to say, he also hope to there is restraint of the soul, protect the poison ability live the life of red satisfying princess.
Christian louboutin men Because just red satisfying princess saved his enemy, he must be clear, reported back. Grace Then all the disciples, in "feelings six desires Yin thunder" explosion out poison soul. But there is a person, still dying support, that is "the original sword emptiness". He was dressed in a cassock, green color the spirit, called the "golden ROM unlined upper garment". But ten thousand pine essence chequer, with a stream of green gas, can be clear over the flight, the more can resist poison soul!


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